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PowAlert - Remote Mains Supply Monitoring System

The PowAlert remote mains monitoring system is designed to provide a fast and reliable response to mains failure or power supply failure to critical systems. Remote or hard to get to equipment can be monitored by PowAlert which will alert a designated controller or other user system to potential problems. PowAlert variants can communicate in multiple ways:

PowAlert GSM

powalert GSM module

The PowAlert GSM module can be used to monitor the mains supply to essential equipment such as CCTV systems, fridges, freezers or other mains critical hardware. When a power failure is detected the PowAlert GSM module will send SMS text messages to up to 3 user-defined mobile phone numbers, alerting them of a mains supply problem. The battery backed system will continuously update users for up to four hours of mains failure before hibernation, and will also respond to the restoration of power, sending an updated message to the registered mobile phone numbers to let them know power has been restored. The PowAlert GSM module also features two auxiliary connections to which other external equipment can be connected, harnessing the unit's messaging service to send customised alerts. For example doors or windows fitted with the appropriate switches may be connected so that they alert users when they are open or closed. This is useful for external buildings such as pool houses, mobile homes / caravans, garden sheds and so on. See the products section of this site for more information, or contact a representative via the contacts page.

PowAlert LAN

Compatible with the latest range of our best-selling security power supplies, PowAlert LAN aims to bring a consolidated interface to mains supply and PSU status monitoring, covering output values, mains status and fuse blown indication. An easy to use client, available for multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS and mobile systems, will give clear indication of the status of up to 8 or 16 power supplies connected to the TCP LAN enabled PowAlert hub. Supplies secured in hard to reach or basement areas with no radio reception can be connected to a standard computer network and accessed from anywhere on site via appropriate secured access.

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